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A secret ancient forest awaits guests on this journey of mystery …

Turning off the main highway guests soon wonder about their final destination as the road narrows and the coach makes its way down a winding dirt track deeper into the over hanging forest.  Soon the coach is halted by a fiery trench across the road as flickering torches beckon guests to follow the winding path disappearing into the darkness.  Soon guests arrive in a candlelit grotto illuminated by giant candelabra flickering softly in the darkness.  Smiling waiters greet guests with trays of sparkling wine and appetising canapés as they marvel at the beauty of the surrounding rainforest and the twinkling, clear, starlit sky high above them.

Soon the sound of rhythmic drums can be heard, and dancing flames appear from the darkness.    

A spectacular display of artistic fire dancing and drumming follows, summoning gasps from the guests at the awesome performance.  Upon conclusion of the show, the fire performer’s move through the guests, and with a flourish of their torches, ignite a spectacular flaming trail across a small bridge.  Crossing the bridge, guests are met by the most stunning sight - a magnificent, black silk lined marquee dripping with crystal and bud light chandeliers.  They see tables decorated with candles, swathed in decadent red velvet and formally laid with fine china, silver and glassware.  The surrounding rainforest is lit with candles and beams of light casting a soft glow into the trees around.

A formal platter style banquet created out of exotic and native local produce follows amid the now peaceful, splendid forest. Music flows over the group throughout dinner before a silence descends … Soon a magnificent male voice singing Nessun Dorma can be heard from deep within the rainforest.  A spotlight shines on the forest, revealing a suited tenor walking slowly toward the guests. 

This powerful performance completes the enchanted part of the evening brought to life in this beautiful venue before the beat steps up a notch as the band encourage guests to come forward and dance the night away in the privacy of their very own piece of spectacular rainforest.

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