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Unique rainforest event space

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For more than 20 years, Flames of the Forest in Port Douglas has been globally recognised for its creativity and its distinctive destination event space.


Flames of the Forest is a pocket of rainforest located 10 minutes outside of Port Douglas in the Wet Tropics region of Tropical North Queensland, nestled between the Mowbray National Park and Daintree National Park.


A completely intimate, nature-based experience set within a candle-lit rainforest, Flames of the Forest will create an unforgettable memory at an extraordinary venue.


Flames of the Forest transports you into a world beyond your imagination. It’s a place so removed from your reality you will never want to leave. True to its name, Flames of the Forest is a unique event space situated in a beautiful forest environment, lit up nightly by hundreds of candelabras, forest lights and flame torches. A black silk marquee covers the main floor, creating a sense of intimacy under the Northern night sky.

A huge thank you to the fabulous Flames team for the Chairman's Club event. The food, ambience, and service was superb - it was very special made only by all of your Flames team efforts.

Heather Coplestone
Director, Destination Pacific Australia

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Described as a ‘feast for the senses’, at Flames of the Forest guests can dine amongst strangers on shared tables, leaving as friends who have experienced the extraordinary together. It’s an atmosphere that propels you into a unique world beyond imagination, surrounded by unforgettable natural beauty that will leave guests with an everlasting memory of the Wet Tropics rainforest.


As well as nightly dining experiences, Flames of the Forest also caters for events that live outside the ordinary. The natural backdrop of the rainforest is the perfect location of featured event additions including fire trails, burning cane walls, pyrotechnics, fire logos and water screens. Fairy flautists and jungle drummers are perfectly comfortable under the rainforest canopy, with fire pits and fire lights providing the perfect after-dinner ambiance.


Corporate groups, weddings and special events are catered for with the venue being able to accommodate up to 850 guests for a sit-down dinner. Here guests will have access to luxury bathrooms and exclusive privacy, which includes no noise restrictions.

Experience a little rainforest magic

Weddings, private and corporate events.

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